Sunday 6 November 2011 – Five go mad in Barwick Stoford!

At 7:30 Tom was greeted by a most unfamiliar sight. Dressed and ready to rock and roll were Rick, Pate, Martin and Lindsay, a complete peleton.  So it was four bikes on the Renault plus Tom’s Berlingo out to Cattistock.  We followed apreviously known route here, along the No. 2 National Cycleroute, up to above Rampisham, down to Halstock, around a depleted Sutton Bingham Reservoir (sadly the cafe wasn’t yet open, but then it was only 8:45), and across the A37 to Barwick Stoford. “Gosh we are nearly in Yeovil!”, so it was a two-county ride.

The mornings pit stop was on a bench that seated all five on the village green in Stoford,with  Cranberry Bars, apples and bananas.  A feast indeed.  The southbound journey wound through Yetminster, past a herd of skittish cows on the road to milking, through Chetnole and a final  killer hill up to Holywell.  After we woke Pete up, (he’d fallen asleep in the Autumn sun whilst waiting for Martin and Rick to catch up) it was along the A37 for a short dice-with-death, before the final push through Frome St Quintin and  Chalmington to return to Cattistock.

The computers said 27 miles, which is well over 43 km, with mildly hilly terrain in glorious autumn sunlight and the lightest of breezes.  A great way to see Dorset countryside at its finest.

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Video of Pete and Rick


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