Sunday 18th December – Carnage and near tragedy on ice for plucky cyclists

A 7:45 start in the lifting gloom revealed patches of black ice, so the planned road route to Wynford Eagle and Chilfrome was changed to well worn off-road route along the Wessex coastal path.

A welcome return for Rick and Tom who joined Lindsay and Pete to form a substantial pelaton that made its way around the edge of Maiden Castle, through Martinstown, up to the ridgeway and heading eastwards.

A coffee, satsunas and biscuit picnic-on-the-hill broke up the challenging off-road mud, frost, and icy puddles. The magnificent 360 degree vista showed Dorset at its finest.

360 degrees of Dorset from Great Hill

As the sun came out the pelaton made the mistake of assuming the ice had all melted, only to be dramatically proven wrong as Rick and Lindsay literally hit the road hard for the first multiple pile up of the tour.

A sheepish and careful return back over Maiden Castle and past the Rugby ground  was finished with mince pies courtesy of Gayle, and a radox bath for Rick.

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