Wednesday 23rd May – Preview of Dorchester Lidl grand opening

In a burst of summer excitement cycledorset jumped on the red Trek saddle and rode off on a glorious early summer evening. Having checked out the dubious  status of Rick’s toe at the allotments, it was into town, ostensibly to collect a train ticket from machine. However….. emerging from the Grove trading centre cd stumbled into a Guests Only Preview Lidl event. Flashing its press credentials (camera and helmet) cd undertook a complete reconnaissance of all aisles and sampled the free nibbles (pastries and cakes).

Cd is delighted to report that its a full-on Lidl, complete with obscure European nibbles, unfeasibly large amounts of vacuum packed cooked meats AND sports clothing from outer space. The Crivit brand (Google it, its fast reaching cult status) was to the fore, and cd was only denied the opportunity to obtain a men’s XL sports vest complete with integral armour plating by Lidl’s trading licence not operating until tomorrow.  Top tip, Crivit clothing is European, so go one size larger than normal.

Blew the chance of collecting the tickets (lost the slip of paper with booking reference  in the excitement of seeing Parkside Arc Welders for an astonishing £34.99, and 2800 Watt petrol generators for £149.99) so it was a quick blast round a few pubs to check out the patio situations for future evening tootles. Oh, and to gloat at the inevitable sad demise of Tesco Versaille with the arrival of some proper competition. Fountains at half mast…

So an invite to all peloton members to watch out for future impromptu evening blasts, and (in the spirit of corporate London 2012) a proposal to make Lidl the first (un)official supporter of the Poundbury Peloton. Here’s to more summer evenings.

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