Sunday 15th July – Off Road Jubilee trail and White Horse Hill

Maccy and Pete T set off from Poundbury at 0730hrs , East through Dorchester on the B3015 main street. After the bridge over the Frome we joined the bridle track to Brockhampton, parts of the route were flooded to 6 inches due to recent rains, which added to the fun. West Stafford followed Brockhampton , from there we headed south to pick up the bridle path to West Knighton. We attempted to join the Jubilee trail at this point, which was a mistake, a very bike unfriendly mile followed. ( we should have gone to Broadmayne and joined the Jubilee trail there). The Jubilee trail was a great ride after the first section I mentioned, varying track and environment. We finally headed South on Red Bridge Road, crossed the A 352 and headed up to the bridleway that follows the ridge. We celebrated here with our breakfast at a very scenic position. ( see photos). After tucker, we headed west, the trail was overgrown, but the path was visible and we slowly climbed with great views. We got a bit lost at one stage, but eventually met the ridge road that leads to Came Down Golf club, and home.
3 hours cycling, 26 miles. A good route that we would recommend to others.


During our adventure we began to develop two brand new cycling related activity’s.  The first is a cross between off-road biking and weight lifting called cyclo-lifting.  First find a path, (preferabley wet and boggy), with a high density of fences, stiles, kissing gates etc.  Then lift your bike over the obstacles until arms drop off or you lose the will to live. Enjoyment can be enhanced if bikes are heavily loaded up with food and drinks and your face gets continually bashed by pedals and handlebars.   The second and more enjoyable to the sado-masochists amongst us is cyclo flagellation. This is  more competitive  and the winner is the one who receives the most impressive lacerations and welts to the body. You need to find paths with lots of brambles and /or stinging nettles which cross in front of you at neck height.

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