Sunday 3rd March – Navigation blunder in Puddletown Forest


How do you end up where you started from?



1/.  Read Winnie The Pooh.

2/.  Instal a flashy map holder on to your bike so that you can be sure of  being on the navigational ball

3/.  Visit an area that is so small you could never possibly go wrong


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Pete and Maccy ventured into the safety of Puddletown Forest to see a whole load of different trees and to quickly blast through it  on previously unexplored trails on our way to Hardys Cottage and then on up to the Ridge Way at Waterston Ridge.  Anyway, after much huffing and puffing, we returned to where we had left the Rhododendron Mile road half an hour previously. It was a nice spot so well worth a return visit!

Picnic in the Ridge Way woods and a snort or two of the new seasons home made plum schnapps, mmm……

A slippy slide on some greasy/semi frozen/rutted/chalky slime saw us, after passing a magnificent  example of non-burgered equine beauty and an interestingly converted livestock lorry, safely back to  Troy town.


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