Sunday 2nd June – Poundbury to Wareham and back!

Tom, Rick and Pete set off at 0730hrs, the weather was set fair and the relatively flat route from Dorchester via West Stafford, Morton, East Burton, Wool, East Stoke, and finally Wareham was covered in just about 1.75 hours even after a slight map reading error at Wool meant we visited Wool twice.

Picnic at the river side of the Frome in blissful sunshine, then out on the Bere Regis road through Bloxworth Heath with a smallish climb, the road was relatively busy with lots of caravans heading north , presumably the end of half term holiday. A left turn at the end of the heath got us back into quiet roads. Lots of options to reach the B3390 are available, we had a plan, but didn’t stick to it, due to chatting and not map reading. We turned left onto the B3390 and the after another climb, the road went downhill and a right turn towards Pallington and Tincleton was taken. A cycle charity event was taking place and we must have seen 200 plus cyclists heading towards Corfe. As Tom Pointed out , probably £100,000 of bikes were on the road .

We met and ambulance dealing with a poor unfortunate cyclist in the charity event who had fallen off near Puddletown Forest, he had broken his collar bone. It happens so easily….too fast for a corner.

Dorchester and the climb back to Poundbury rounded off a day of 44.5 miles. Rick promised his wife he would take it easy today… come back Lindsay…

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