Sunday 13th October – Poundbury Toller Porcorum circuit

Gmap ref: 6110333


Poundbury, Bradford Peveral ,Wrackleford , Cerne Abbas, Maiden Newton, Toller Porcorum, Eggardon, Roman Road, Martinstown, Poundbury

Tom and Pete T set off at 0800hrs, slight threat of rain, but we risked it ( Lindsay would be proud ). A gentle start, dropping down towards Bradford Peveral along the Frome, turning right at the bottom of the steep descent before the road rises into B Peveral, and taking the rough track for 1/4 mile to the A37, straight across the A37 and onwards towards Cerne Abbas. A steady climb, but hardly noticable. The first 10 miles of the trip pass off easily. The next 10 have the 4 tough climbs;  out of Cerne, up to the A37, Maiden Newton to Toller, and then Toller to the Roman road near Eggardon Hill.  We thought the toughest was going to be the last, but infact that bit proved reasonable. A small amount of rain fell on us from Maiden Newton to Toller, but not enough to dampen spirits.

The last 10 miles back to Poundbury is always a great way to finish a ride, a gradual descent right to the climb from Martinstown to Poundbury.

2000 ft of ascent 2.45 hours 31 miles

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