Sunday 20th October 2013 – Burton Bradstock

Tom and Pete set off at 8am from Poundbury, it was blustery and rain was threatening, but the hearty pair set off on hybrds regardless!. The route out went to Winterborne Steepleton and the up the gradual climb towards Hardy, turning right after the particularly sttep bit through the wooded area towards the Bredys. The rain threatened and we had one 30 second splash , but that was it. From the Bredys, we continued west past the Modbury farm shop (recommended), and eventually joined the B3157 at Burton Bradstock. We took a left turn onto this road, and 100 yards later went right, along the road that leads to the beach. It was blowing a hooly and the waves were crashing down. Some forlorn fishermen were having a meeting about how to cast out into such a headwind ( a competition apparently). Backs to the wind, we had our snack and then headed back to the B 3157 , turned right towards Abbotsbury. The road was surprisingly busy for a blustery Sunday morning. We hoped the wind would assist us in our assent through Swire and up to the top of Abbotsbury Hill, it did, but blowing quite hard from the back right, caused us some stability problems.

The pioneer in both of us took hold at the top of the hill, we were also keen not to lose all that altitude we had gained!!. We took the left turn at the top og the hill, the intention being to join a track marked on the OS map about half a mile in. Well we never really found the track, but just field after field, and gate after gate, still we continued to head east and finally met the South coast path that gave us a signpost to Hardy, and we finally joined the road and headed up to Hardy ( second time in a week). If we had been on mountain bikes, the excursion would have worked, we could have taken the South Coast path, but t the point where we came off on the detour, the path wasnt any good for hybrids.

Down the hill from Hardys monument ( with wind now behind us!!) and along to Martinstown, and up the hill to Poundbury.

30 miles, a good route, but we should have taken the hit and gone down to Abbotsbury.

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Back at the car, Toms keys had disappeared. We looked everywhere, tried the police, but they apparently only work when they feel like it now, their answerphone said they were very busy and would call us back… we are still waiting…. So off to Weymouth in Petes car to get Toms spare keys.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan handed the keys in to the police, who apparently have decided that they don’t need to keep records of this- presumably they are too bust catching wayward motorists. Sad that Tom was unable to thank the person, or even find out where the keys had been found.

Lets hope the police don’t look for another rise in their council tax charges this year, they certainly dont deserve it


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