Sunday 27th October 2013 – Frome St Quintin and the Wessex Ridgeway

Gmap ref: 6123815


Where would you head for on what was expected to be the windiest day for 10 years- One of the highest points in Dorset. Well thats what Pete T and Maccy did.

The decision to go was based on the weather forecast predicting sunshine, this decision was made when it was down!!

The temperature was good and shorts were sported by both ( less to get dirty , it turned out!!)

The route along the Frome from Poundbury was covered very quickly , and we soon found ourselves in Maiden Newton. The coffee shop was closed, so we pressed on through Cattistock and North to Frome St Quintin. There we got off the road and onto a fairly steep stony sloped track , which iwas edged by hedges and if you stay on you make it to the top, if you get knocked off, its pretty difficult to get going again. The route levels out then up towards another gate and the grassy fields to the A37 crossing. We then travelled towards Batcombe, but didnt take the left turn down the hill ( never lose altitude!!). Views were pretty good and we got some good shots. The Bridle way along the Wessex ridgeway starts opposite the second left turning to Batcome. The route was pretty flooded all along the gravel road, and this is where shorts came into their own, being less to get wet. A brief stop at the mast for breakfast , and a quick swig of the spirit that Maccy and brought, and we were off again. The Wessex ridgeway branches right, but we keep straight on , always heading South along what is still marked as Bridle way on the map. It was mostly grass, The whole of the route back along this ridge was into a pretty strong headwind, the uphill bits on grass were particularly tough. We turned left when we met the Millenium cross , only about 1 mile North of Stratton. The hardcore road , then leads eventually to Stratton, with a really exhilarating downhill bit at the end. From Stratton, we took the cycle route all the way to Dorchester, and then wound our way up through the industrial estate and back to Dorchester

27.5 Miles in just about 3 hours with a tough headwind on the way back

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