Sunday 5th January 2014 – Piddlehinton circuit through Hazelbury.

Tom, Rick and Pete T started off from Ricks house in PIddlehinton, headed North up the B3143 towards Buckland Newton, turned right towards Bookham and hence towards Mappowder. Heavy rain over the last few days had left the roads in a sorry state, we encountered no floods, but plenty of loose gravel and potholes!!.

We turned right at Mappowder towards Hazelbury Brian, and after the steep climb to Wanston, we turned right towards Ansty ( the thought of an excursion over Bulbarrow was quickly wiped!). A quick stop at the Fox inn, using their benches for a snack, and before we got too cold, we set off again back towards Piddlehinton. The last 5 miles are a surprisingly hilly section, with some testing climbs. 20 miles covered at about 12 mph and a ride that is good for all seasons and provides a full spectrum  of road ride conditions.

No incidents punctures or other misfortues that can befall the sunday morning cyclist.

We also beat the weather, it started raining at 1100hrs , 30 minutes after we had got home, and it didnt stop until it had deposited 2 inches!! lovely to watch from behind glass!

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