Sunday February 2nd 2014 – Eggardon Hill

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Full compliment today, the first time since Christmas, it was good to catch up on such a sunny but chilly morning. We set off from Poundbury at 0800, headed through Martinstown and on to Winterborne Steepleton, then the climb up towards Hardys monument, but turning right, just after the woods towards Little Bredy, then Long Bredy and Litton Cheney, we followed signs towards Swyre until the cross roads and turned right up what turned out to be a particularly tough climb after Chilcombe up to the A35. We crossed the road and found the church yard in Askerswell had a good sized bench we could have our picnic on ( proliferation of pork pies today – Lindsay would have been in his element.

The climb from the Church up to the top of Eggardon Hill was tough, but we all needed the exercise, nobody got off and pushed! Pete Mc celebrated the top by sttanding on the trig point at 252 M. We then had a great ride , wind assisted, back along the 10 mile stretch of Roman road, through Martinstown , and up the hill back to Poundbury.

28 miles at about 11.5 mph, which given the terrain , we can be proud of.

no punctures, just one broken front brake cable ( Pete Mc) and Rick promising to get some new brake blocks for his rear wheel

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