Sunday 18th May 2014 – Piddletrentide to Leigh Circuit

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Rick and Pete set off on a glorious morning, it was the first time this year T shirts were sufficient from the outset. We took the B3143 to Buckland Newton, then headed towarsd Glanvilles Wootton, a right fork in Glanvilles took us on a very quiet road past Boys Hill. We crossed the A352 and headed towards Leigh. A left turn before Leigh took us SE , we recrossed the A352 and started on a track, the first 100 M had a couple of long and potentially deep puddles that we negotiated successfully- just a wet foot or two, and we christened Ricks new trainers!.. Further on the track provided a great view of Mintern House and Gardens. Where the track forked left and right, we took the ( middle) bridle path up to cross the Dorchester/Sherborne high road>(It was the edge of a field and easily ridden). The track we then met, that took us all the way down to Alton Pancras is undoubtedly one of the best down hill tracks we have ever experienced. Strongly recommended. The final bit of the ride took us South to Piddletrentide. One for the whole group to experience in the future

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21.5 very enjoyable miles


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