Sunday 5th October 2014 – Rick and Pete T to Wool and Back

Probably the last warm day of the year started off pretty chilly; Rick had to Scrape his windscreen! We are made of hardy stuff though and both set off from Poundbury in shorts! It was a beautiful, sunny morning and it soon warmed up. We headed down through Dorchester high street, crossed the Frome  and then took the bridle way all the way through to Lower Bockhampton, the ravages of the dry summer were very apparent with the stream that the path follows, having completely dried up- even though over half an inch of rain fell yesterday.

We turned right where the track emerges onto the road and headed though West Stafford, and kept going until we reached Wool. We stopped for a snack on the bridge which is traffic free, took a few photos and then headed back via the tank museum and through Pallington. We turned left to head back down through Lower Bockhampton, and headed back into Dorchester via the now pretty well signposted Route 2 all the way to Poundbury. We did divert in Poundbury , along the “south circular ‘ where the Dutchy ( I assume) in their infinite wisdom has /is erecting a giant plinth with the most awful stone heads sticking out. Its worth a look just to hate them a little bit more, and wonder about who decided this was a good idea.

29.3 excellent miles at a steady pace.

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