Sunday 9th November 2014 – 2 Petes circuit through Puddletown Forest and Charlton Down

Gmaps ref: 6465135 (curtailed)


Beautiful Autumn Morning greeted us at 0730 when we set off from Poundbury. No wind ( except Maccy ) . We travelled down the Dorchester high street to pick up the bridleway to Lower Bockhampton frost was on the gates and we were glad for our hats/balaclavas- first time since summer we have had to do this. From Bockhampton , we headed North towards Hardys cottage , then took the trails on the right into the forest, we completed 2, possibly 3 circuits which we probably would struggle to repeat exactly, and then headed under the A35 to get to the ridgeway and the bridleway that heads to Charminster.

We didn’t go to Charminster, headed instead on to Charlton down, then back along the roads to Poundbury. 3 hours, including a stop for a bit of grub. 5 minutes after arriving back at Poundbury the skies opened and we had the mother of a storm. Its all about timing.

No incidents, punctures, or road rage occurences

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