Sunday 4th January 2015 – Piddlehinton to Chetnole circuit

Gmap ref: 6507588

First of 2015!!

Rick and Pete set off on  a chilly ( 3degC) morning , it has been pretty wet, so the aim was to avoid off road ( besides Pete M wasn’t about!)

A ‘lolly pop’ route was chosen, up the stick to Glanvilles Wootton, then the right fork in Glanvilles that takes the quiet route to the A352. We did encounter our first flooded road, but not deep enough to wet the feet. Straight across the A352 and on to Leigh and then Chetnole we took the route via the ford into Chetnole, it is pretty deep, good one for Maccy to test sometime!!. A convenient bench was utilised outside the Pub in Chetnole for a quick snack,  we soon cooled and so set off again . We navigated to Batcombe and then took the road North out of Batcombe ( on second attempt, did a bit of the big hill up to the ridge road!) to head us towards Hermitage , then across the A357 to head back to Glanvilles Wootton, and back down the route we came ( the lolly stick).

30 miles in just about 3 hours cycling.

A good route with no gut busting climbs, although g maps says we did 2200 ft

no incidents, and probably saw more pedestrians than cars ( not to mention horses!)

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