Sunday 22nd November 2015 – To Toller Porcorum

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Tom, Rick and Pete T set off on a pretty chilly but bright morning and headed down through the industrial estate in Dorchester to pick up the cycle way on the A37. We continued to Grimstone and then turned left to Maiden Newton , then up the hill and left at the top to Toller, 10 miles covered well within the first hour! a delightful breakfast of sausage roll, Yum Yums and chocolate biscuit, washed down with a variety of hot drinks whilst sitting in the sun on the eastward facing churchyard.

We then set off up the gradual climb to the top of Eggardon Hill, stopped to admire the views, which we attempted to catch on the photos, then down the Roman road, through Winterbourne abbas to Martinstown and up the final hill to Poundbury. 26 miles, a great morning ride.

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