Sunday 13th March 2016 – A Nice Bit of Mud

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We escaped from Blandford Tesco car park a little later than planned, and in the cold air and bright sunshine powered up Fair Mile Road. Nicely warmed we turned our attention to the need for finding a nice muddy track. Thus amply satisfied all the way  as far as the junction with the Wessex Ridgeway atop Oakford Hill, we rewarded our sticky endeavours with a rapid descent down the steep hill to Oakford Fitzpaine and it’s pubs sunlit bench for an appointment with various breakfast items: a sausage roll disguised as Scotch eggs, yum yums that had morphed into Bakewell tarts and Maccy’s as advertised drop scones. All washed down with some grog, we then tackled part two of the mornings mud challenge which I must say  Rik seemed to particularly enjoy. After passing Fidleford it was plain sailing along The Trailway all the way back to Blandford – three muddy and knackered boys.

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