Sunday May 8th 2016 – Blubell Bonanza

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With Tom and Rick both injured, it fell to Pete x 2 to carry on the Sunday routine. It was pouring with rain at 0730 when Pete T arrived at Bere Regis, but the weather forecast said it wasn’t raining. We thought we must be imagining it and set off.  By 0815, the weather obeyed the forecast  and we soon dried out, (apart from feet x 4), as the temperature rose.

26 miles covered around Bere Woods and Wareham Forest ,  quite a lot of mud collected on the way.

Pete. T gave his bike a swimming lesson at Morden Decoy Pond but the technique was all wrong! – see photos.



Just relax


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Bluebells looked and smelled fab, same could not be said for Petes.

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