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Saturday August 26th 2017 – Lindsay solo to edges of Salisbury Plain

Almost one year since previous post!

Is the Blog still active?? Let’s find out!

So today Lindsay ……


Sunday 17th August 2014 – Five go mad in the New Forest

Gmaps ref: 6413225


Full turn out of 5 of us, first time since last summers barby event at Ringstead. Trains were the order of the day , we all caught the right one and headed off to Brockenhurst on a day return. The weather was predicted as showery, but we got off to a great start. From Brokenhurst we headed South on the B3055 parallel to the railway until, just after the railway bridge, the old railway track now cycleway was straight ahead of us. The going was pretty good, although throughout the day , some stretches of gravelled road were not bike friendly ( or walker), being covered with fairly large loose chippings, in some areas the track was excellent with smaller chippings and better compaction – why would they do that? Where the chippings were large, we just kept to the edge- which is what most who preceeded us did , judging from the tracks!. Diligent map reading by Pete M kept us on the straight and narrow most of the time, which we were all grateful for. After about 2 miles a road was reached, we decided to branch out at this stage and follow Wootton Coppice enclose trail, we crossed the A35 and eventually got back on the cycle way towards Burley Street. We followed the cycle way to the west of Burley, and at the Northern point headed east along forest road and eventually got back into the forest on the trail NE of Burley. We headed North,it was a steady uphill , but not too punishing , we reached the Canadian Memorial where we had a short break. A turn South at this point and join the Arboretum Drive, which was tarmac covered, had a few cars on it, but was a pretty fast and exhilarating trip down to the Arboretum, which was free entry and we toured it observing the giant redwoods and other species. We then headed east along cycle trails and followed signs to Lyndhurst after having covered 26 miles . Lunch in The Crown Hotel was very good , but very very slow considering it was just 5 of us and 2 other diners.

After lunch saw us heading east along the track to the North of the B3056. It was a naturally worn trail and provided some of the best mountain biking of the day. Then across the road and South along the well marked trail to come out at the disused airfield, which we circumnavigated. WE then picked up the bridle way at Little Dilton Farm and followed this all the way back to Brockenhurst. There is a pretty deep ford half way along, 4 of us took the bridge, but managed to persuade Pete M into going for it- which he did successfully.

Rail travel by bike is an experience

No system for booking, or knowing where bike spaces exist ( if they do) when the train arrives.

Bike racks pretty unsuitable for Mountain Bikes with 2 inch tyres ( cascade collapse occurred )

All in all a pretty good days riding with about 42 miles covered.


Lindsay’s and Maccy’s best images as slideshow.

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Stand and Admire



Reception committee at station.

Lindsay listening in on map reading conversations.

Pony mounted or otherwise Yum-Yums.

Lost and found rucksack!

Tom displaying remarkable climbing technique despite lack of proper trousers.

Ringwood Best.

‘Where’s the key’ moment inside best cycle hut ever.

Daring the ford.

Every time Rik got his stand out.



Maccy failing to leave the train at Wareham = Six extra miles in the saddle.





Sunday 18th August – Full English at The Greyhound!

Gmap ref:  6074623


No Tom, Rick or Maccy, so (in a moment of inspiration the previous evening) Lindsay booked a breakfast table for two at The Greyhound, Sydling St. Nicholas. With last orders at 9:15 a.m., a certain motivation and time pressure was subtly  applied.

The route was cobbled together by Pete T and Lindsay at 7:30, when sea-mist/rain brought an early damper to proceedings.

Martinstown, Winterborne Abbas, west along the top Roman road, Compton Vallence (a house in the basin of surrounding hills), Maiden Newton, Chilfrome (they really should make Dorset ice cream in Chilfrome), Cattistock, up to the A37, and into Sydling just in time for a scrub and table set for two.

Cereal, juice, coffee, tea, toast and the works was leisurely brought to table – oh, so much more sophisticated than a DIY fry up!. Breakfast took the best part of an hour, then all that remained was a pootle down the valley to Grimstone, back track to Stratton, than through Bradford Peverell and home for 10:45 in glorious sunshine.

The world looks so much better after a full English.

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Sunday 11th August – Ringstead 17 miles (mainly) off road and the first ever peloton fry up!

Gmap ref: 6074644


Early start with three cars at NT car park above Ringstead Bay. Full turn out of the famous five regulars for the start of a boys own adventure.

Same route followed as 21 April by Lindsay and Pete, but changes to terrain from seasonal growth. SW Coastal Path to Daggers Gate and onto Lulworth Camp, interrupted with a lot of bridal gates (a feature of the ride).

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Sunday 14 July – Dorchester to West Bay again, with some variations

We set off on a really warm morning, the kind we only dream about on those crisp January mornings…. MTB’s were in use, so we had more flexibility on the route

Headed for Hardys monument, via Martinstown, and half a mile beyond the left turn signposted to the monument, took the track which is much more interesting than the road, this time it was dry, no puddles, just the odd bramble wanting to attack us. It may have been the Devon experience , the week before, but Hardys monument was a synch, almost didn’t notice the climb.!

Beyond Hardy we headed straight acorss at the cross roads and at the bottom of the hill on the sharp left bend, we joined the South Dorset Ridgway, progress was great and views to the sea were fabulous. At the next road , the ridgeway changes to a footpath for some strange illogical reason, however, we humped our bikes over a few styles, the track was good, and headed for the trig point at 215M which is in Abbotsbury Castle Fort. We had to carry our bikes up the steps to the trig point, but then the ride down on the path and finally where it meets the road (B3157), was exhilarating. The B 3015 then dropped down gently for another 3 miles to Burton Bradstock, and then a few small climbs took us finally to West Bay. The temptation to have a dip, was only overcome by the thought of wet cycling gear and wet feet for the return journey.


We headed into Bridport and followed the A3066 for about a mile and a bit, and turned right at a fairly indistinct right turn in a dip by a pub towards Loders. It was getting quite hot by now, and the tree lines route up to Eggardon Hill summit was chosen, by taking the left turn just before the village is reached. We had a look at the garden in Three Horseshoes Inn at Powerstock, one to remember for impromptu evening drinks. The from there to the top climb is long and tough, and makes you think you have reached the summit, then another bend shows a bit more to climb, and then a bit more….

The return trip to Poundbury was along the Roman road past Hogleaze. We had one heart sink moment when a police sign said the road was closed, but a friendly Telecom man waved us through- a telegraph pole and all the cables had fallen across the road. Lindsay thought it may be a little repeat of trying to climb the electric fence by Hardy a few months back.. but our fears were unfounded. The rest of the ride along the road was pretty car free as a result.


37 miles in 3.75 hours including stops

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6th and 7th July – Okehampton Odyssey

Linsday, Tom, Rick and Pete T started out from Betty Cottles Inn which is 1.5 miles SE of Okehampton on the B3260. We headed into Okehampton, managed to miss the busy road down into to town by getting through a road that had been closed to traffic  at the top of the climb from the Inn.

I bit of time was taken consulting the maps in Okehampton to ensure we started off in the right direction to pick up the cycle route 27. some very pleasant roads were travelled, little traffic and good scenery, the Dartmoor hills slowly receded from us . after 20 miles , route 3 merges with route 27 and 4 or 5 miles later enters the disused railway line which has made a fantastic resource for cycling. The partial shade offered by the trees was excellent on the hot day. A few stops are available on the way for drinks. We had planned to go into Great Torrington for lunch, but it was quite a diversion off the track. We headed for Bideford. Toms new tyre punctured, and a 15 minute stop for this, then across the bridge into the centre for some sandwiches , pork pie and cakes for later… all healthy stuff!!

The return started with retracing our route along the cycle path to Great Torrington, then somebodies bright idea was to take a slightly different route to the west of the cycle path along quiet roads. Great Torrington to Kingscott, to Roborough onto the B3217 to Monkokehampton saw some of the toughest cycling we have met, switchback roads of considerable size and gradient. Better to do this when you are fresh ( or not at all). We continued down the 3217 to Okehampton, had to face the final steep climb out of Okehampton to return to our Inn for an evenings( what was left of it ) relaxation.

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Sunday 23rd June – Mixed route to Gore Hill and back

Pete Taylor and Lindsay, 7:30 set off on mountain bikes aiming to follow the No. 25 route from “Mountain Bike Guide Dorset” (Colin Dennis) plus a bit further. Changeable weather and a north westerly wind made interesting conditions.

Roman road and No. 26 NCR to Maiden Newton then onto Cattistock, Chalmington and Frome St Quintin. Then off-road to cross the A37 then Haydon Lane to Gore Hill halfway point.

Mostly off-road for the next hour or so, following the Wessex Ridgeway south, with picnic at Buckland Hill, and use of first aid kit to patch up Lindsay’s finger. Gave up on lost computer, and continued south to Jackman Cross. Farm track gradually down hill to Stratton, then following the cycle path next to A37 back into Dorchester and Poundbury.

28 miles,(about a third off road), three hours very enjoyable cycling (the following wind home helped!) and back for 11 a.m.

One to do again in any weather.

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Sunday 26th May – Lost in Lytchett, Tarrants and Winterbornes

At last real hints of summer, a glorious sunny morning, rising temperature and a warm breeze. Perfect. So a circuit around Blandford to have views of the yellow rape-seed carpets at their finest.

Car for Tom, Pete T and Lindsay to park up at Winterborne Kingston. First stage, trying to find a way to Sturminster Marshall without using the A31 went wrong but with happy consequences. Over twelve years’ of Dorset Cycling, but Tom and Lindsay are still amazed to find new pastures perfect for cycling; so the area south of the A31 to Lythchett Matravers was a pleasure to find, good cycling lanes.

Eventually a bit of map work led to Sturminster Marshall with 12 mile clocked up (should have been three, I blame having to use TWO maps at the same time), to see the Stour at its finest. Back on course and it was through Shapwick following the NCR 25, north westerly through T Crawford to T Keyneston for breakfast in the garden of The True Lovers Knot.

A quick distance and time check necessitated a change of plan, so it was on through T Rushton then west to Blandford, coming in on the A3082. No problems through the town centre and out on the NCR 41 towards Winterborne Stickland, and a chat with one of the scores of MAMILs out today. Well it was warm and sunny.

Finally time-trail mode gently downhill through the Winterbornes of Clenston, Whatcombe, Whitechurch and back to W Kingston.

34 miles a cracking ride (weather helped), worth writing up route for publication and returning soon.

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Sunday 19th May – From Wool and around Purbeck

8:00 am start from Wool station  and a damp morning got wetter (but mild and no wind) as the morning wore on. Pete T, Lindsay and Tom headed out of Wool to Coombe Keynes, Lulworth Castle grounds then vertically upwards through the MoD Firing Ranges. Back puncture for Lindsay allowed the others to take a clear lead to Whiteways picnic site, and two attempts to mend the puncture.

Fast downhill through Church Knowle and on to Corfe Castle. Up to Morden and around Middlebere Heath for breakfast in a bus shelter.

After a building inspection at Purbeck School, back to Wool via the back road, through which Tom set a land speed record but failed the drug test. Back for 11:00 a.m., 26 miles covered.

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Sunday 12th May – Three on tourist route to Weymouth

Only 23 miles today, with a couple of hills. Pete T, Lindsay and Rick took a leisurely tourist route to Weymouth via Upwey and Radipole park. Out past Nothe Fort to the pier and observation tower, then back along the promenade for the usual picnic, including danish pastries.

Dodging pedestrians along the sea front to Furzy Cliff. An exploratory cycle through two caravan parks linked onto Sutton Poyntz and up Green Hill.

A discussion about the history of Long Barrow tumuli was followed by a swoop downhill past Whitcombe Racing stables.  Who is funding that operation eh? To finish the tourist sites a stop at The Screen on the Square and The Buttercross Bakery. Home for a surprisingly early 10:30 a.m.


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