Friday 9th January 2015 – Staverton to Lidl

A new member of the peloton made her cycling debut on Lindsay’s Wee Seat. Nattily dressed in a jazzy purple teflon-coated all-in-one, Beatrice looked splendid complete with pink fairy-decorated helmet.

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The route involved a short street link to the Kennet and Avon canal towpath, over the first bridge, then along a cycle path past the Airsprung factory. Emerging safely across from Lidl, Lindsay deftly transferred Beatrice from the bike seat to the shopping trolley, to begin a trawl of those famous aisles. Milk, waffles and cereal were purchased and loaded into the quality yellow cycle bag (an excellent clone of an Ortlieb, and considerably cheaper).

Routine and route were reversed for the homeward journey, uneventful (no grappa or church visits, no pork pies). A great morning’s cycling, 2.4 miles and 25 minutes.

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