Future Tour Suggestions and Options

This page aims to share the ideas for future (summer) tours.


RyanAir fly from Bristol to Kaunas, the second city of Lithuania, most days of the week. RyanAir is an unknown prospect, and not renown for customer service – flights costing in the region of £200 will include £40 each way pre-booked bike carriage (£100 if not pre-booked)

A seven or eight day tour of Lithuania would comfortably see the peloton undertake a circular route around Kaunas, Vilnius, and the Aukstaitijos National Park. Accommodation at bed and breakfasts could comfortably be risked without bookings as most of Lithuania will be in London obviously, and there are a fair number of large villages,  small towns in the region.

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Krakow to Wien

Easyjet (Flights for Krakow-Wien Cycling Tour) fly from Bristol to Krakow and from Wien to Gatwick. There is a waymarked Greenways route from Krakow to Wien. A thirteen day tour itinerary for Krakow-Wien would allow two nights in both Krakow and Wien for city exploration either by bike, foot or tour buses.

Krakow to Budapest

Easyjet fly from Gatwick to both Krakow and Budapest (Flights for Krakow-Budapest Cycling Tour). There is a well-documented route between Krakow and Budapest, which for most part goes through national parks in Poland and Slovakia Republic. To complete an eight day itinerary ( Krakow-Budapest) that includes two nights each in both Krakow and Budapest a train transfer from Banska Bystriceto Budapest would be needed.


The Derbyshire Peak District

Scotland West Coast



North Wales

Spain – Gandia, Majorca, Menorca, Galicia, (via Brittany Ferry, Plymouth to Santander)



Finland – Helsinki, train to Arctic Circle, cycle back



Romania (Maramures)


Czech Republic – Praha to Brno via Zdar nad Sazavou

A section of the 14 current Euro Velo routes 

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